Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Towel Animals!

Part of the fun of cruising is returning to your room each night to find a cute little critter waiting on you – made entirely out of folded towels!

disney towel animal swanOn the first night, this was what we found in our room when we got back from the late show in the Walt Disney Theater.  At first, we thought it was a cobra, but now we think it’s a swan!  What do you think?

disney rabbit towel animalOn the second night, we found this one!  A bunny rabbit, perhaps?

disney stingray towel animal The third night, we found a stingray!

hanging towel monkey at disney My favorite one!! A monkey hanging from the ceiling.

towel peacock on a disney cruise On the 6th night, we had this peacock accompanying our gratuity envelopes.

cobra snake made from towelsOn the last night we had this one, which is most definitely a cobra, and that’s what led us to change our opinion about the first night’s animal!

Here’s some more info about towels aboard a Disney cruise!

Can the animals be used like normal towels?
Yes! The animals are folded using regular towels and they don’t use any glue or anything else to hold them together.  Just unfold them and you’re ready to go!

I want to learn how to make them! 
Check your Navigator (daily schedule) that is left in your stateroom each evening.  There is often a free towel animal class at some point during the cruise where you can learn the secrets of making these neat little guys!

So what about regular towel service – will I get new towels every day?
Your stateroom host will come into your room twice a day to make sure it’s sparkling clean, and he/she will also replenish your bathroom supplies.  Just place any used towels in the shower or bathtub in your room and they’ll be replaced with fresh ones!

Do I have to take my own towels to the pool?
Nope!  There are many cabinets of clean pool towels on all of the pool decks on board.  The deck attendants will also place dry, rolled up towels on unused loungers on deck.  There are also bins to place your used towels so they can be collected and washed – no need to cart them back to your room!

This is part of a blog series detailing our super fun family trip, a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy!  Click Here to see more posts!


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    I loved all the towel animals. It was so exciting to go back to our room each night to find out what critter awaited us. We did the towel folding activity on our cruise and learned to make the swan and the dog – so fun! :)

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