Visiting the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

While staying with our friend in San Mateo, we decided to skip over to San Fran for a day of fun!

Our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge.  Tolls are collected in the southbound lanes (headed toward San Francisco) and at the time of our visit (December 20th, 2011) the rates were as follows:

Golden Gate Bridge Toll (December 2011)

2 Axles – $6.00
3 Axles – $13.00
4 Axles – $18.00
5 Axles – $22.00
6 Axles – $27.00
7+ Axles – $31.00

Parking at Golden Gate Bridge

We didn’t need to cross the bridge, so we parked in the southeast side visitor parking lot, where there was a good bit of construction going on.  Parking is limited, but it was early enough in the day that we were easily able to find a spot.  There are 81 spaces available and they are metered at $0.25 per 15 minutes.  If you’re on the north side of the bridge, parking is free, but is limited to 4 hours.

The Golden Gate Bridge in the morning
Why do I get a sudden urge to burst into the Full House theme song?

The Golden Gate Bridge in the morning

Matt Browne and Jason Mejia in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
Matt and his bestest bestie, Jason.

Matt Browne and Erin Browne in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
Me ‘n my hubba-bubby.

Matt Browne, Erin Browne, and Jason Mejia in front of the Golden Gate Bridge
All thuh-ree of us.

View of Alcatraz from the Golden Gate Bridge
A hazy view of Alcatraz from the bridge parking lot.

The Golden Gate Bridge with flowers
The construction created some unattractive elements surrounding the bridge, but there was one crop of flowers that made for an interesting photo or two.

The Golden Gate Bridge with flowers

I’ll leave you with some interesting tidbits about the bridge!

How Long is the Golden Gate Bridge?  8, 981 ft.

When was the Golden Gate Bridge built?  Construction began on January 5th, 1933.  It was opened to pedestrians on May 27th, 1937, and to vehicles on May 28th (our anniversary!) 1937.

Other Golden Gate Bridge Facts:

  • Stands 220ft above the water
  • The height of the towers is 746ft
  • Number of wires in each cable: 27,572
  • Cost of building the bridge: 35.5 million

Thanks for reading!

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