A Peek at the Holidays

Typically, we take many photos throughout the holiday season.  This year we certainly fell behind, but I do have a few to share, so I thought I’d post up a glance at what our holidays looked like.

First, let’s start with the food coma that is Thanksgiving:

This is probably only 2/3 of what was available, and I didn’t even get around to photographing the dessert table.

Pictured (top row, L to R): Sage sausage dressing (or stuffing for you non-Southerners!), candied sweet potatoes, white meat turkey, fried okra, homemade turkey gravy, baked beans, and dark meat turkey.

There was also: macaroni & cheese, yeast rolls, mashed (white) potatoes, cranberry sauce.. probably a few other things I forgot!

Dessert was just nutritional debauchery at its finest.  Matt and I brought 6 or 7 different cupcake flavors (just a small amount of each, don’t worry!) and there was white chocolate pudding pie, fudge pecan pie, and.. again, probably more that I can’t remember.

So after Thanksgiving we dove right into Christmas, and as I was completely lax in taking photos of the holiday happenin’s, I refer you to this grid of Instagram photos (you can follow me under ebrowniebites)

Top row, L to R: An overview of our living room decor, Matt draped in lights as we trimmed the tree, our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation.

Second row, L to r: My favorite “quilted” ornament on our upstairs tree, our main tree (first time getting a REAL TREE as a couple!), and a close up of one of the ornaments on the main tree.

Third row: My mom’s new (gorgeous) tree, Spongebob being abused (it’s a tradition), and Dewey looking mighty worried about the appearance of the upstairs tree.

It’s an annual tradition for Matt and I to spend Christmas Day alone as a couple, and we love it.  Most of the time, we don’t even shower or get out of our pajamas.  This year, we cuddled up next to a fire, went on a long walk in the neighborhood, tackled a few house projects we’d been neglecting, and cooked up a special little dinner just for us.  This year we made turkey with homemade cranberry sauce, cranberry-orange soda bread, mashed sweet potatoes with toasted pecans, and Brussels sprouts.  It was perfect.

I did remember to have at least one good photo taken of us, at least.   Even though I was in desperate need of a haircut in this photo!  Have I mentioned I LOVE my mom’s new tree??

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