Azalea Grove House in Seagrove, Florida!

We’re back from our awesome vacation to the area in and around Seaside, Florida and I’m so excited to share the photos from our trip!

We stayed at the Azalea Grove house booked through Sunburst Beach Vacations and it was such a darling little place!  Though the majority of our trip was focused on Seaside, Florida, we chose to stay right next door in Seagrove.  We wanted to bring our corgis with us (boarding those guys isn’t cheap!) and we were able to find more pet friendly housing choices within our budget in the Seagrove area.  Best part, the Azalea house is closer to the west end of Seagrove, making it either a nice walk or just a minutes long bike ride right into Seaside!


One of my favorite features of the house was the completely fenced in patio area out back with a private pool.

For a fee, you can choose to have the pool heated.  We did not choose to have it heated and we stayed here from May 16th – 24th. Though the water was pretty chilly at times, it was pleasant later in the week when the air temperature approached 90 degrees.

The front of the house has a covered porch with a cute swing tucked away in a corner.

We had perfect weather throughout our trip – couldn’t have asked for anything better!

I loved how there were sooo many trees around!  They offered an abundance of shade while walking or biking down the streets, and it offered some extra privacy for the house itself.  So cozy!

When you walk into the front door you’re in the seating area with two couches and a TV.

Here’s the front room from the other side.  The sofa is a sleeper in case you manage to fill up all of the other beds in the house!

Next to the seating room is the dining area and kitchen with plenty of seating!

The kitchen is stocked with most basic appliances that you’ll need, and also has a good selection of cookware and dishes.

There’s also extra seating at the counter, and across from the kitchen is the laundry room (with washer and dryer, of course!) and the side door that leads to the driveway.

Across from the kitchen is the downstairs bedroom.

The bedroom offers patio access to the pool deck!

Easily accessible from the kitchen and downstairs bedroom, there’s a full bathroom on the first floor.

There are two master suites on the second floor, both with private balconies looking over either the pool or the front yard.  One of the suites has a king bed and a smaller bathroom, while the other has a queen bed and a bigger bathroom.  It wasn’t a difficult decision to choose bedrooms, as we preferred the bigger bed and our friends preferred the bigger bathroom!

The 2nd and 3rd floor bedrooms all have their own TVs, and our room also had this comfy lounger.  Sorry to say that the corgi won’t be included with your rental. :-)  I also appreciated that there were lots of windows in the entire house – it was full of natural light!

Our bathroom, and the closet which was quite roomy!

I don’t have any photos of the other master suite, but our friends might have taken a couple (I’m not sure, so don’t hold me to that!) so you can watch their blog just in case!

The third floor is basically a tower that is used as an absolutely adorable kids’ bedroom with bunk beds!  Lots of light up here, too!

Full confession – I kinda wanted to spend a night in this fun, private room tucked away on its own floor!

The 3rd floor bedroom has an open air deck where you can get a bird’s eye view of your surroundings.  You can hear the gulf waves crashing into the shore from here, and though this house isn’t oceanfront, it’s extremely close, and if you peek over to the left when you go outside, you can see a bit of the horizon!

Because the deck faces west, I highly recommend going up to the top deck to get a perfect view of the sunset!


While there were certainly many places to eat and drink in the Seagrove and Seaside areas, we made good use of the house itself.

You’ve gotta grill some fresh fish and make tacos when staying on the beach, yes?

We also utilized the kitchen for some easy breakfasts if we knew we were planning to eat out later that day.

Pancakes and sausage really hit the spot!

It was almost more fun being the only one stone sober after your husband and friends have polished off these dangerous frosty blue drinks and being able to get the full effect of the personality… enhancements.  We chose that evening to play Cards Against Humanity, and let me tell you, I don’t need a drop of alcohol to practically wet myself laughing over that game!

Doesn’t get much better than grilled shrimp!

Mmmm… let me at it!

In combo with scallops, grilled veggies, Spanish rice, and cheesy biscuits, this was one hearty meal!

We also made sure to get use out of the cute pool deck behind the house.  This is the eldest of our corgi clan, Dexter, hangin’ out poolside.  He’s big and pitiful and awkward, so of course he was the only one to actually trip and fall into the pool.  I’d have been more shocked if he didn’t fall in at least once, to be honest!

Gotta have the pool selfie.  I’m going through a giant sunglasses phase right now, so you’ll just have to work with me here.  They are so comfy.

This goofy-faced little cutie is Kara and Remington’s new baby, Dodge!  Not even 6 months old and already a well-traveled little pup!

Stay tuned for more from our trip!


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    Erin, thanks so much for staying with Sunburst Beach Vacations at Azalea Grove in Old Seagrove Beach Florida….we are very gratified that you had such a good stay and what a blog!
    It is clear that you enjoyed the pool, grill, views from the roof deck and walks to Seaside Your photos and description give a really great overview of the home and we appreciate you sharing your stay on Brownie Bites.
    We hope to have you back soon.

    Steve Howard-Owner Sunburst Beach Vacations

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