10 Side Dishes to Kick Your Thanksgiving Up A Notch


I love seeing all of the unique twists and spins that bloggers are putting on classic Thanksgiving recipes.  I put together a round-up of some that caught my eye.  Please click through to the original blogs for the recipes and leave them some comment love for being awesome and creative! Bacon Ranch Green Beans by…

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Triple Chocolate Salted Tart


This sinful confection is one of my favorite desserts that I have ever made.  It’s rich, bold, and satisfying but doesn’t leave you feeling bogged down by an overload of sugar.  It comes together easily, doesn’t require any special skills, and would be an impressive addition to your holiday gatherings this year. This tart… oh…

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White Chocolate Lime Truffles


It’s not hard to understand why homemade candy is so great, but around the holidays these little confections get an extra dose of sentimental coziness.  Is there anything better than a festive Christmas platter stacked with homemade brittles, barks, truffles, and fudge? These truffles were the result of having an abundance of limes in my…

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Carrot Cake Chess Squares


Where I live, the chess square is a ubiquitous dessert.  These sinful bars start with a dense, chewy base created from a cake mix that is topped with an ooey gooey baked cream cheese mixture. Oh yeah, about that gooey part?  Depending on where you live, you may know this dessert by its other name,…

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Peanut Butter Stuffed Brownies with Boozy Caramel Sauce


Is there anything more indulgent than a warm fudgy brownie?  Fans of this classic chocolate treat fall into two categories – those that prefer cake-like brownies and those that want them fudgy.  I’m a fudgy gal myself.  If I wanted a cakey texture, I’d rather have a piece of actual chocolate cake.  If I want…

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Fall Harvest Bean Salad


I made this salad for a camping trip a couple of weeks ago when I wanted something a little more interesting than chips to go with our easy dinner of roast beef wraps.  I mixed everything together the morning of our trip and then just tossed it into the camper’s fridge in a tupperware container….

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10 Spellbindingly Gorgeous Halloween Treats


Halloween can be cutesy and childlike with friendly ghosts and Jack O’lanterns, but I’ve been seeing some talented bloggers that are injecting a bit of grown-up elegance into this versatile holiday.  Check out this list of impressive, beautiful ideas to dress up any party or celebration. This is a recipe round-up, so all photo credits…

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Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Halloween Waffles

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Halloween Waffles - these sinful waffles have whipped egg whites folded into the batter to keep them light. They're not too sweet and the sugary melted Peeps marshmallows add just enough sweetness to balance out the bold dark chocolate. Plus, they are SO cute for Halloween or any holiday (just use seasonal Peeps!)

Halloween is the best.  It really is.  I love every facet of the holiday – Jack o’ lanterns, candy, spooky movies, haunted houses and hayrides, going all out decorating our house for the neighborhood kids, and giving out candy to all of the adorable Trick Or Treaters!  For all of us food lovers out there,…

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