Disney Fantasy Cruise | Western Caribbean | Castaway Cay!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-01The last day on a Disney cruise is always a special treat that I look forward to the whole trip – a day spent at Disney’s totally gorgeous private island, Castaway Cay!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-02 The first beach you’ll come to when you leave the ship is the family beach.  If you’re traveling without the kiddos, I’d highly recommend skipping this place!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-03We headed straight for the tram stop, which is located fairly close to the ship, but it is a lil stroll, so keep that in mind if you have elderly members of your party.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-04 Sorry kids, this area of the island is only for the older folks! Serenity Bay can be accessed by tram, but you’ll need to switch cars after the family beach stop.  Don’t worry, there are voice recordings playing on repeat in the trams to let you know exactly where you are and where you’re going!



disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-07 There’s plenty of seating, but you may want to get there early if you want to stay close to the bar/food/bathroom!


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-09 This place is just unbelievably gorgeous.  F’real.  A full on paradise.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-10 This is me.  This is me in my happy place.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-11 This is Matt, claiming this land in the name of Browne.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-12 Or maybe he was staking his claim once I found a new husband wandering around?

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-13 Fortunately, everyone made friends… there’s no room for conflict on this beautiful island!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-14 Even my dad approves!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-15 The sun was in and out of the clouds most of the day, which provided us with some very pleasant temperatures!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-16 Matt’s parents enjoying some schmooze time!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-17I used this photo for something else, hence the border. :-)

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-18 Frozen pina colada and the Drink-of-the-Day.  I want to say it’s called a Stingray but I may be making that up.  Disney cast members spend the entire day marching up and down the beach, taking drink orders right at your lounger!  Even though you’re not at the ship, you will use your Key to the World card to pay for everything on the island, and it’ll be charged directly to your room account.  Pretty cool, huh?

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-19 It’s so much fun to explore the water at Serenity Bay.  You never know what you might find!

All underwater photos in this post are taken with the Canon PowerShot D20 

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-20 Ohhhhhh, let’s name the zones, the zones, the zones.  Let’s name the zones of the open sea!


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-22 A lil secret is that there is some actual plane wreckage submerged in the waters of Serenity Bay.  To get there, line yourself up with the first cabana on the beach, and then head out into the water about three-quarters of the way to the buoys.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-23 It’s pretty cool!  It looks to me like Disney has removed some of the wreckage, because I’ve seen photos from other people over the years and there seemed to be much more here.  It may have been removed for safety, can anyone else chime in?

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-24 The remaining wreckage acts as a home for many a fish and anemone!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-25For these next few photos, the camera was actually above the water.  It was so clear you can’t even tell there is water there!


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-27Tons of itty bitty shells!


disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-29 Once we had our fill of beach, sun, laziness, and alcohol, we took the shuttle to Pelican Point to browse the shops and take pictures!



disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-32Oh you know, just leanin’ on da ship.

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-33I like this guy a lot.  Sorry, Cap’n Jack!

disney-fantasy-cruise-western-caribbean-castaway-cay-34 See the para-sail?

That’ll do it for our cruise posts this time ’round!  If there’s anything you missed, simply hover your mouse over TRIPS in the menu bar at the top, and you find a listing of all of our Disney trips!

But if you’re like me and you’d rather life be as easy as possible, here’s some direct links!

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      Probably! We have one booked, since there is nothing to lose with taking advantage of the onboard booking perks (discounted deposit and a $200 onboard credit on the next cruise). We may need to reschedule it or choose a different itinerary, but I’m excited!

  1. Remi says

    Your cocktail picture is funny! We did the exact same thing. And NOW that we’ve been there, I can fully appreciate the fact that this plan is literally heaven on earth. 

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