Thai Tanic Restaurant | Logan Circle | Washington, DC

Our last evening in Washington DC, we realized that we had no idea what to eat for dinner.  After some chit chat, we realized that we both had a craving for Thai food.  A few Google searches later and we had decided on Thai Tanic, a little place in the nearby neighborhood of Logan Circle.

Thai Tanic restaurant in Logan Circle
Located in the 14th street corridors, we enjoyed the local flavor that the neighborhood offered.  We chose a seat by the window where we could people watch as residents went about their weekend errands.

Thai Tanic restaurant in Logan Circle
Matt started out with a Thai iced tea.  I didn’t order one for myself, but I tasted his and had to restrain myself from sucking down the entire glass.  Mmmm..

Thai Tanic restaurant in Logan Circle
The restaurant is dim and cozy.  We arrived at an odd time – between lunch and dinner – so there were only a few other tables occupied.

Thai Tanic restaurant in Logan Circle
I ordered  Pa Ram Long Song and it was very tasty – tons of flavor and spice, and the meat and veggies were cooked to perfection.  The sauce was soo delicious!

Thai Tanic restaurant in Logan Circle
Matt ordered a classic yellow curry, and it was also delectable.

Don’t you love when a randomly chosen restaurant ends up being a really great meal?  We were 100% happy with our dinner at Thaitanic and the late afternoon walk back to our hotel through Logan Circle.


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