Disney Magic Cruise | Pirate Night at Parrot Cay


It’s time for another restaurant dinner tour!  This time we’re headed back to Parrot Cay aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship.  Several nights on board you are served a themed dinner, which gives you a chance to order off of a unique menu from a restaurant you may have already visited on a previous night….

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Disney Magic Cruise | Dinner at Palo


Don’t forget that next week is Easter week!  Submit your requests for recipes to be featured on the blog by commenting, visiting our Facebook page, or sending me a tweet! Now, on with the show! Palo is a special dining option on Disney cruises.  Adults only, formal dress code, and located all the way aft…

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Disney Magic Cruise | Dinner at Animator’s Palate


Animator’s Palate was my favorite restaurant aboard the Disney Dream, and when I found out that the Magic has its own version of this fun restaurant, I was really excited for our dinner!  I ended up liking the Magic’s version better, mostly because of the awesome decor.  I love stark black and white! The sign…

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Disney Magic Cruise | Dinner at Parrot Cay


Dinner on the first evening of our Disney Magic cruise brought us back to the same place we ate lunch – Parrot Cay!   Because we had the late dinner seating, we decided to stop in at the Promenade Lounge for a drink and some chill time  before it was time to go into the…

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Disney Magic Cruise | Lunch at Parrot Cay


There are a number of options for lunch on embarkation day. We chose to check out the buffet in one of the main rotational dining rooms – Parrot Cay. No lack of color in this place!  Those prone to motion sickness might want to pop an extra Dramamine on days you dine in this restaurant…

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Neptune’s Palace on Pier 39 – San Francisco, CA


Our most recent California trip is going to be posted all kinds of out of order, so bear with me! After a fabulous few days with Matt’s family in Orange County, we rented a car and drove up the GORGEOUS Pacific Coast Highway to the San Mateo/San Francisco area to spend the last full day…

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