Things No One Told Me About Diapering A Toddler

I’m still cruising through my first tour of motherhood with my 17-month old son who is a whirling tornado of energy and attitude.  He’s an all-out no-buts-about-it toddler and with that comes a whole new host of interesting experiences and  challenges.  I never thought I’d catch myself saying that I miss changing a baby’s diaper, but…

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Dailies | 2015 Christmas Decor

Merry Christmas, everyone!  I know we’re still 9 days away from the big celebration, but we are one with the yuletide spirit around here.  We’ve been having fun with Jasper this year.  He is about to turn 14 months old!  Last Christmas he was a teeny tiny little thing and the holiday passed unnoticed by him….

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Dailies | Halloween 2015

Note to our family: I know a few of you have asked for Halloween photos.  If you click on any of the photos in this post, you’ll be taken to the slightly bigger (and sharper) versions.  You can then right-click and save the photos! Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I’ve blogged quite a bit about…

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Dailies | What Happened in July

Dailies posts are our personal updates.  Photos in this category are our casual snapshots from our cell phones and are marked by rounded corners.  Unless I forget, which happens fairly often.  Whoops. I blinked and suddenly it’s August.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Around here, most of the schools are already back in session.  That’s…

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Dailies | Pool Day and Off to Hawaii We Go!

Dailies posts are our personal update posts.  Photos in this category are our casual snapshots from our cell phone and are marked by rounded corners.   This is going to be a mega catch-up of a Dailies post.  So, let’s get into a time machine and rewind to about 3 weeks ago!  Phew!  Jasper is still making…

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Dailies | Memorial Day Weekend and Our 10th Anniversary!

Memorial Day weekend was busy busy busy!  On Saturday we went to my parents’ house for lunch with my family.  There was pulled pork barbecue, baked beans, corn, potato salad, roasted broccoli and carrots, cole slaw, and more! For dessert there was banana pudding and strawberry cheesecake.  I typically loathe bananas but I always make…

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Dailies | More “Firsts”, Grandparents Visit, and a Birthday!

So I was running some mid-week errands at Target.  Yes, I totally fit the mom stereotype in which Target is my shopping mecca, my go-to, my haven.  Heck, it’s even suitable for a date night! Anyway, so I was running some mid-week errands at Target.  Jasper was in his ERGObaby as usual, but began to…

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Knoxville International Biscuit Festival 2015

It’s May, and that means the return of one of my very favorite local food events – Knoxville’s International Biscuit Festival!  Started in 2009 by a group of biscuit lovers, the celebration has grown exponentially into a nationally recognized food festival.  The entirety of the festival takes place over the course of 3 days and includes food…

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Dailies | A Week of Firsts, Mother’s Day Zoo Trip, and Milestones

It’s been an eventful week for the little man.  Cinco de Mayo brought two gifts for Jasper – his fourth Imagination Library book and his very first case of the sniffles.  Our first bout with baby sickness taught us something new about being parents.  If the baby is sick, we’re gonna get sick.  There’s just…

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